Traffickers after death


Clairvoyance: firstly, with astral body, we composed groups into taken to small spaceships that were over our houses. Then, we entered in another larger spaceship toward "Abrigo Servos de Jesus".

Spaceships patrolled the astral of the place. They got off the spaceships, "cages" to transport the so-called "slaves" of the traffic and "people" linked to violent deaths.

The dungeons walls had secret passages to tunnels linked to hills, prisons, and through where the murdered youths' spirits were brought to the prisons of the Castle.

The Lord of the Castel had a laboratory of Reptilians that manipulated the energies emitted from fear, hate, riots and sex.

In GESH, we used the armors offered us by the Guardian of the Cruise in Mato Grosso (MT) and magnetized with the energy of the "Portal."

Mrs. Margarida faced with the Boss of Dungeon who had enormous horns, and male goat face.

Then, we invaded a room where had many pictures of children, young people, and some men and women hanging on the walls.

Mentally, I did ask the Instructor, who were those people? He told me, they belonged to the drug traffic still incarnated. I asked on the children's pictures, which answer came through the message:


Sister, they are the traffickers' children. The embodied ones involved in this activity, and in the astral plane made macabre agreement, offering their children to Reptilian Command, in exchange for protection, immunity to the attacks of dark being and not be bothered by the human laws.

However, as there is no Divine injustice, those children are reincarnation of spirits strongly committed in the area of crime. They, compulsorily reincarnated, in order to drain part of the poisonous load adhered to the astral body, and later sent to exile.

Their Spiritual Guides accompany them closely, for fulfilling the programming that starts already suffered, at such a young age.

May the Lord Jesus' peace involve us!

Tarcilio, GESH - 04/06/13 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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