The Black Army on the streets


Clairvoyance: I Saw the Beast´s body much wounded. She was tumbled on the ground. Suddenly, she opened the eyes, gathered forces and violently sucked the negative energies of our people.

I do not know the reason, but I heard that the Christ's Army advanced in her territory with victory of the Light opened wounds in her body.

After she had sucked the dense energy, her body rejuvenated and the wounds disappeared. Stand up she roared violently, which echo provoked destruction through where she passed, and activated her Black Army.

Then, I saw attacks toward the Nuclei of Light; fireballs reached the "protecting shields" and exploded them.

The Black Army walked on the streets of cities attacking embodied and disembodied beings of the entire planet.

Bestial creatures formed the Army, with medieval weapons, and also Black Magicians and other dark beings. They attacked the houses, and few ones had spiritual protection against the harmful energy.

The dense energy from the Beast incited wars in Middle East.

In calm places, in small villages that were always peaceful, savagery actions appeared.

All humanity received the shock of the perverse wave welcoming or not in the heart, the negative energy, in agreement with the vibratory standard of each one.

GESJ – 07/13/2013 – Vigil in Abrigo Servos of Jesus - Vila Velha/ES - Brazil.

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