The persecutor became the persecuted - Part I


Clairvoyance: While meditating, I saw a treatment ward destine to "Vampires" led to the astral plane of Servants of Jesus Shelter. Many of them were in awful state. I have also seen machines coupled to the urns that sheltered bodies and drained blood. They had worked where the "traffickers" killed their victims. I could see that Hercílio Maes had a special affection for a vampire boy.

I also noticed the workers saying that only three Vampires had conditions to talk with Mediums using their bodies for that purpose.

Here is the message.

Sisters, may God in His Infinite Mercy welcome the unhappy ones we rescued and took care in His Holy Name.

While informing for the incredulous humanity about the controversial and terrifying theme "Vampirism", I studied hard the cases found in our treatment wards.

Happily, we count with experience and superior knowledge rendered by extra-intraterrestrial brothers in preparing us to face the terrible addiction that always sacrifices men, women and children.

Some reports cannot be divulged by orders of our Superior Guides for not identify spirits linked to embodied ones.

Now, tell you about a 17 year-old boy here named Nestor.

Nestor devoted himself to the "Drug traffic". Despite of youth, his heart contained so much cruelty and coldness. His function was to hunt arrest and kill their victims by orders of "high command of drug traffic". The way to fulfill his task only depended on him.

Nestor was a dedicated hunter. The victim's pain was his opium and blood he insisted on flowing and rejoiced in saying it.

He was intelligent and competent, and always found a way the victim could survive bleeding for some days, until nothing else remained of poor fellow.

Since he was a child, he heard voices saying he was a special person destined for a grandiose mission. He was a spiritual medium able to transit between the physical and spiritual world. However, as indebted spirit experienced at "black magic" in torturing and hunting. He was also proud, and belligerent, mainly with those that tried to help him, such as his grandmother who earlier noticed his cruelty with little animals; he enjoyed terror films always involving death, violence and bloodshed.

The "spirits of darkness" dialogued and guided Nestor in the best way of doing the victims to suffer, without perishing quickly, which blood served his "protecting gods."

However, rebellious, one day among so many deaths became distracted and he drank the blood. Thence, from persecutor became the persecuted by his victims the invisible and physical plane, until they arrested, tortured, and killed him.

After that terrible death, tortured and enslaved, his story as Vampire in the astral began.

Hercílio Maes - GESH – 11/01/2013 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

Note: Message interrupted for recitation of the mantra.

(It continues through the Weekly Message 3072)

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