We serve Divine Purposes


Save Jesus! Save the Force of Love!

Sisters, it is a great joy to meet you.

Both us have been working hard in the invisible planes in favor of the humanity.

Even not believing in extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial presence and even in the Creative Father's Supreme Kindness, this humanity proceeds, giving course their foolish actions often deprived of reason.

We serve Divine Purposes, and our presences seek this humanity's Good, which disbelief does not affect us. We obey Superior Forces that you cannot understand yet.

In the work we fulfill together with Christ's Army, of which you make part and all those who answered the Call of the Light, we are cleaning and illuminating the abysmal regions for millennia under Command of Darkness.

We rescued backward souls, and disturbed prisoners under command of bestial creatures. We lead them Colonies, Spaceships of Help and to Transitory Hospitals, because these souls will leave for exile.

We remain cleaning the polluted seas and rivers, for us not perishing the time programmed by God Father.

We act on behalf of Jesus wherever has suffering, comforting and directing the souls.

We rescue and send to intraterrestrial cities the ones that already deserve; be in physical or in astral body.

Many intraterrestrial shelters already have guests, embodied or not, rescued throughout the Planet.

Unceasingly the selected souls follow their exile or rescue, for later to inhabit the Earth of Regeneration.

As you can see, intense and feverish are the activities accomplished in the invisible plane seeking the cleaning of the Earth for the Advent of the New Age.

Unhappily, most of this humanity vibrates in bands of inferiority, not allowing our loving vibrations to reach them. Even so, we continue working on behalf of Jesus, the Planetary Christ.

Fights and battles take place continually between Light and Darkness.

Battles in the invisible planes do not occur far from the embodied human collectivities; rather it happen more and more close to the embodied human beings, that attract the "Beast" to share with its malign and destructive tendencies.

Beings of Light, far away from their celestial homes, dock in the Earth to aid you.

He, who seeks rescue by the Light; he vibrates in love, peace and in pardon, and will compose the new humanity that will inhabit the Renewed Earth.

Happy to meet you, we say good-bye, inviting you to love all beings of the creation, so that all share happy harmony with the Creation and Creator.

Save the Light! Save Jesus.

Nefertiti - GESH - 11/16/2013 – Board Meeting - "Abrigo Servos of Jesus - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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