There are neither preferences nor Divine injustices


May Peace be unto you, brothers of the earth!

All you that try to be above the turbulences agitating the Earth, you must act with all strength of warlike spirit inside you.

For the exiled ones that today live amidst the chaos, fury of nature, violence and corruption invading the cities, they bring some memory of realities already lived and practiced by all, and culminated with the transfer for other Globes compatible with the humanity's of third of dimension nature.

At this time, the ones that look for a new way of living and already accept our words, we ask to have compassion with the ones who did not find yet truths and knowledge contained in Lord Jesus' words. They, for ignorance, for the time being cannot yet follow Him, because their rebellious spirits command their actions.

Houses of exile are the "Rigorous Schools" the undisciplined student needs to tame and to annul the interior instincts to rebel against the Creator.

As in any "School of atonements and trials", some students more advanced can live in a harmonic and civilized way, with fair and honest administrators. Others, for rebelliousness, they will repeat the tests, in another incarnation or continue walking still in discord with the universal peace. Blind ignoring the Divine Kindness, the Angel's candidates postpones the encounter with good friends waiting them.

Brothers, there are neither preference nor Divine injustice for those who neglect the Universal Laws. There are opportunities of readjustment and correction in the new atmosphere, because exile is not imprisonment for the children of God, it is hope that in the Father's Homes, there will be the chance to evolve.

However, in this process of spiritual growth, pains, losses and scars are inevitable. Progress does not come without fights that leave marks in those trying to advance in the path of collective or individual progress.

You are not alone: Tutors Friends and Spiritual Guides accompany you throughout the World. You will meet again and see the suffering of formerly forged in the soul created by God, the necessary strength to resist the falls, not to park or be lost amidst the shortcuts that appear in the road and takes to the encounter of Happier Worlds.

Today, you are brothers and candidates for the Earth of Regeneration, likewise we were yesterday, and tomorrow, children of the ignorance humbly thanking the Celestial Father, for successive lives toward the Light.

Therefore, do not get lost; do not look for large roads of ephemeral happiness, because the narrow road, although it is the most difficult, it will lead you to spiritual freedom wanted by all souls.

May Light involve all of you!

Zeus - GESH – 07/19/2013 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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