In the face of pain, love one another


Clairvoyance: I felt a very strong presence of Master Ramatis who dictated the following words:

Beloved brothers and disciples,

The moment arrived and you can already feel the destructive force invading the Planet Earth.

According with the Law, it is necessary this way, therefore the negative actions of human origin will finish in the process of Transition of the Earth, from third to fourth dimension.

In everything, give thanks to Sovereign God who governs the "portal" through which you will penetrate.

Address your supplications of help, orientation and sustenance to Jesus elected by God Father to guide the humanity at times of troubles.

Join the extraterrestrial beings looking for understanding above the common and traditional knowledge of the Earth.

Join the intraterrestrial ones addressing you blessings of love.

Join the Workers of Light through sincere prayers, asking, not just for you, but also for everyone.

"He, who tries to save himself, he will get lost and whoever dedicates to the neighbor, Christian love, he will survive.

The choice of the Workers of Light to continue cleaning the terrestrial psychosphere in this space, (Espirito Santo State) intends to touch the human hearts, especially of embodied ones that wished to transmit messages of fraternity, charity and love for Jesus ´birthday.

You cannot avoid, deviate or minimize the coming sufferings. You must face them. Just those prepared by the Lessons of Jesus' Gospel, they will find in Faith, the inner resources to be victorious.

In the face of pain, love one another as brothers.

"He, who tries to save himself, he will get lost; he who forget of himself in the neighbor's favor, he will be saved."

Q: Could I ask a question, Master Ramatis?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Was real the Negative Portal I have seen?

A: "Experienced workers" govern the Planetary Transition" also coordinating the dimensions of time and space that are above your understanding.

Referred to time, they combine the conditions of human mass composing the humanity at evolutionary stage.

It is the humanity's spiritual condition, the thermometer that indicates time bearable for the Planet, which conditions would already have overcome its limit, if had not the interference of Stellar Troops under command of the Distinguished Commander Ashtar Sheran.

Referred to space, it is necessary to say "Enough" when the alignment of the stars is favorable to the quantum jump that will give the Earth, because the harmonization of all cells composing the body of the Solar system is essential to the transposition.

Let strength and courage guide you!

You never let revolt inhabits your hearts that should only dwell resignation, renouncement and self-denial in favor of higher purposes.

More than ever is necessary to work.

Ramatis - GESH - 01/03/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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