Love at all hours


Brothers at all hours, you must love, forgive and help.

Your lives with all defeats and victories are fruits only of decisions taken to each obstacle, deviations, and difficulties over incarnations.

If the load weighs on your shoulders now, hindering your walk, remember the neighbor you hurt in the past. He also carries the bale because of your actions, if was not taught him to love.

If pain hurts your spirit, praise it, because the Divine Mercy dosed the bitter medicine you should sip, because only one dose, you would not resist so much suffering.

If you have not peace and tenderness at home, probably your pride and ambition have destroyed or disturbed other houses too. Thence, you deserve the coexistence with those you harmed, as only opportunity to learn how love and forgive.

There is no heavy cross you cannot carry, which weight your own hands have put.

If by one hand, the suffering brothers who live in ignorance, hate and despise you, by other hand, those that advanced in the spiritual path, they love you so much. You should thank them for the moments of peace that occasionally you find amidst of pain and atonements, because due to those fraternal intercessions, you advanced amid the thorns.

Brothers, there is no pain from only one cause and there is not a good action that does not produce a positive effect.

May each of you think deeply how lead your lives and understand that even suffering, crying, loving or smiling, everything is the result of decisions you took due to the opportunities that appear in your lives so that you leave from painful past to happy future.

Brothers, we are always with you.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Sister Sheila - GESH - 02/04/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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