Everybody against the Light


Clairvoyance 1: I have seen a man on horseback dressed for war, in black from head to toe. He was on top of a mountain, in an abysmal region of the Inferior Astral. He lifted up a lance and screamed:

- Everybody against the "light". Move forward, attack, and destroy!

They went down the mountain, riding toward the valley.

They joined to thousands of inferior beings composing a true army toward the surface. They have arrows, which tip carries a poison. The toxin of that poison wakes up the worst feelings in the person making him/her full of hate.

Clairvoyance 2: The Beings of Light are surrounding strongly their protected. Now, the astral plan now is completely dark with light islands. The "workers of last hour" have a great work chance and redemption, because they are many to defend few ones.

I also have seen a beautiful gray wolf of white eyes. He was the head of a pack. Mentally it told me:

- This work will guarantee us correction and sublimation of our faults.

GESH - 01/03/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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