We love you Jesus


Clairvoyance: While reading the book "The Sublime Pilgrim" by Ramatis x Hercílio Maes, I observed several children of the Astral Plane penetrating the meeting room. Some of them read their messages for the spiritual audience present there.

I am the daughter of God Sun who created the forests to feed us, and he created the little animals that, willingly offered themselves, so that we did not starve. He gave us the rivers to satiate our thirst and clean the filth after the games.

The grandfather, Shaman told us the Great Spirit´s son; Tupian was also a child like us beautiful and loving, obedient and helped his parents.

He said we should try to imitate him, because we will be the future of a new Nation where everyone will love and respect, and for that, we should look after Mother Earth.

Blessed is Jesus who is son of God Sun always illuminating the Indigenous Nation!

Jesus, I love you and I want to be in your heart.


I am Joseph and Jesus is my brother.

I imagine him black like me who loves me as I am.

Grandmother Ana and Father Joaquin said for us of the Village that Jesus loves all children, even the black ones.

Then, for me, He is the Star that more shines in the dark and cold night, alone in the cabin, in the simple supper table.

Father Joaquin spoke that His Love is the food of the spirit, and we will never be hungry.

I love you Jesus, son of Zambi, our best friend.


I love Jesus. I do not know if He is rich or poor, white like me or black as my friend Joseph, but I know He loves Animals, Nature, the sick ones, and even today, he loves us so much.

Our teachers teach us to be good like Him, charitable and responsible man and woman.

I love you Jesus, Son of God who loves everyone.

Paul Henrique

We are the children of the stars. We love the "Star" that more shines in the Universe. We follow Him, Son of the Great Creator of the Universe.

His Force involves us, as well as His Love guides us.

With Him, our itinerary is safer and brighter amidst the turbulences of the worlds under evolution.

Beloved Sananda, Friend of the Extraterrestrial Children, we love you, therefore, we know that from your Heart breaks " light rays" as balms that heal our suffered brothers crossing the dark nights in the trials of life.

Yanis - Child of the Stars

I am child an intraterrestrial child. Few ones know us or believe and guide us trying to follow His good examples.

Our Guides and Leaders teach us to help the terrestrial children that will come here.

Jesus loves the intraterrestrial children. We also love and respect Him.

We love you Jesus!

Nico – an intraterrestrial child.

GESJ - 12/17/2013 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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