It lifts the veil of the ignorance



May Peace involve our hearts!

Blessed we are with Lord Jesus´ simple, humble presence and pure love among us as, if He were one of us.

The humility of that Spirit is so big that He was with one of us, even as small candidates to progress. Join us to remember His Sublime Lessons sowed.

Even then, the Self-denying Brother was present among men. He already knew of our so many needs. Even immolated, misunderstood and murdered, He returned to help us.

Under His determination lifted the veil of ignorance and "millenarian knowledge" distributed among us, for the welfare and progress of the humanity.

His Lessons are a simple invitation to love God, to love the neighbor and to forgive. However, rooted to animalism that lasts in our souls, we had great difficulties for follow Him.

They are not external the obstacles, but fruits of the wide crop we do, and resistances we cultivated in our inner core, where everything has beginning: good and bad moments we experience.

To dominate pride, selfishness, vanity, laziness and so many other diseases of the soul is only easy for the ones that chose live on the surface of life.

Those who chose to live with Jesus, faith is indispensable, because having forgotten about our past, blinded by the illusions of the world, only faith can guide us through the narrow road, without we stray neither for the right, nor for the left.

A renewed heart is source of light on Earth to warm, guide and touch men.

Those who decide as Rightists of Christ, they must proceed confident, dived in the most limpid faith, arm in arm, because Jesus is among us.

John the Baptist - GESH - 01/03/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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