Suicide never!


During lecture on suicide, we heard.

Brothers, may Peace of Jesus be with you!

Suicide never!

Despite the worst probation, with Jesus in the heart, sip the bitter cup of suffering.

No matter how hard the experience is, with hope in a new time, present yourself to the embarrassing situation.

If disillusion knocks on your innocence, regain lucidity in time, before surrendering to the despair.

If pain, without reason, visits you, trust in the "Divine Providence" that does not miss the address of suffering. Today, we pick up the yesterday sowing.

When the ingratitude is the payment for the highest loving dedication, forgive and have compassion, therefore not all are prepared to understand your effort.

If fortune escapes from your hands, remember the time that never belonged to you; and accept with resignation the poverty that chisels our real needs.

Given the heavy bale that you suppose no more to support, bear in mind the Rabbi of Galilee who carried without complaints, the log of His crucifixion and, resigned before the rudeness of the World, and for love, He gave Himself to exemplify us the unconditional pardon.

Resist with faith!

Face with courage!

Accept with resignation!

Cross the pain with hope!

Never appeal to the suicide!

Joana of Angelis, GESJ – 03/ 25/2014 – Vitoria/ES - Brasil

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