Love as prerequisite


Clairvoyance: Energy of the Holy Mountain is intense. I feel myself, as if I were floating with light head in a profound well-being.

I see an indigenous ritual, in a glade. There were a bonfire and some Indians referencing the moon in a special way.

The natives had their skins painted in white drawings that highlighted on their brunet skin.

The Energy of the Masters gathered in the Holy Mountain reached them.

Then, I have seen the Beast of the Apocalypse that emitted dense energy shaped into tentacles that tried to invade the Holy Mountain.

The Light of the Masters illuminated the Mountain and its surroundings. The very tall soldiers with armors that reminded the Roman armors surrounded extensive area under the Holy Mountain. They had very large lances as if they were the Ancient Romans.

The Beast's tentacles tried to grab the Mountain without success, therefore "where has the Larger Force, it ceases the smaller one."

Later, we received the following message:


May Peace and kindness involve the men's heart!

This humanity's slow learning about the Universal Laws and Practice of Love is also delaying their steps toward evolution.

How many lost opportunities in the multiple existences to clean their guilty and lacking souls!

However, brothers, children of the Loving Father, He, Jesus, came to meet and teach you in the matter that only through Love, you will overcome the obstacles existent in yourselves, and thence to ascend in the infinite scale of progress defined and determined by the Laws of the Creator.

We warn you at this imminent hour of ending the "planetary cycle", and the urgency of accepting Love, as existence condition to new stages of evolution

You have parked in hate, selfishness, pride, power and revenge. You have forgotten Jesus and got lost in darkness.

The Superior Beings with simplicity present to you union, fraternity, love and pardon of sins, so that you emerge from darkness to light of renewal.

Love one another as the Father loves you.

Serapis Bey- GESH – 05/14/2014 - Festival of Wesak - ASJ - Vila Velha/ES - Brasil

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