Let us celebrate the Festival of Wesak


May the Peace of Christ be among us, sisters!

Once again the Festival of Wesak celebrates peace, love and harmony among men and the Divine Governor's Light seeking to settle down on Earth, Light Earth, fraternity and fulfillment of the Major Commandment left by Lord Jesus: "Love God above all things and the neighbor as yourself."

During meditation and prayer tonight, a large load of energy donated by union of Illuminated Minds destined to the sustentation of the fragile barriers that hold the Earth, impeding its fast alignment sustaining the last forces of nature, in the sense of providing the least conditions for the man's survival on earth.

I tell you, brothers, it is strong the negative force on Earth forcing it to a command of the Darkness and total annihilation for its establishment, in the mind of the incautious population and their Rulers won.

However, with the energy load donated by members of the Great White Universal Fraternity, in this Festival of Wesak, the control will occur in the whole planet sustaining the collective deaths, changes in the geographical structure, and the vibratory modifications that gradually pass from the third to fourth dimension.

As the period ends, the arrival of beings of other galaxies and spirits that lived in the Earth, already free from the reincarnation cycle, they return for together render their collaboration and homage to the dear House that one day sheltered them in its body, when the vital need of progress was necessary in their lives.

Let us celebrate the Festival of Wesak with all its light.

Peace of the Masters.

Peter, Apostle of Jesus -GESH – 05/14/2014 - Festival of Wesak - Vila Velha/ES - Brazil

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