Special Work at World cup


Beloved Brothers,

It is with great joy, we let you know, by next week, we will begin the assistance to the fragile Brazilian souls embodied nowadays, and because of material poverty, they become easy objects by Forces of Shadows.

After restored by training that involved us in the highest vibrations of Christ's Love during the preparatory period, we will penetrate the strongholds of darkness with our followers and everything we will do so that they keep on alert against the negative blockade.

No matter how hard is life in poverty, it occurs by the Being´s choice. How many there are that, full, they fall to become slavers for their insatiable inferior desires.

We thank the good workers of this House, and we go ahead under the Light of Mary guiding us all the way. We shall obtain the victory with Jesus, because who is Him also is victory of Light.

Save Ramatis! Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Tobias, GESH - 06/06/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

Clairvoyance: I have seen Teams of Spiritual Work in the astral plane, organized in groups led by workers of GESJ and others that periodically visit us, as Doctor Cruz and Chico Xavier. The leaders had karmic registers of embodied spirits. They guided the workers to hotels, slums, nightclubs and other places where they could find the people involved in suspicious situations.

Note: Read the Weekly Message 3180

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