No experience is irrelevant


Brothers, Love is the most difficult Lesson, which gathers all essential qualities the spirit needs to inhabit the planes where the Light reigns.

I have chosen the non violence path to evolve and teach Love. I was hurt and dead, because so it should be done. However, the ignoble death for violence didn't undo the effort of a life dedicated to self control of mind and body. When humans understand the only road to progress is self control of their energies, they will advance in ascension

No experience is irrelevant when we are embodied spirits. Everything has its meaning and importance for the collective welfare, therefore do not despise the examples of resilience, strength and faith delegated you by the Divine Mercy. While waiting for the assertive that would define us the life, we lost great opportunities of renewal.

The non violence was the flag I hoisted the highest I could, so that everyone could see, as I was instructed.

We expect from your hearts the same flag can be fluttering and sprinkling effluviums of inner peace, harmony with the Universe and reflecting the Creator's Kindness.

May Jesus' Love inhabit us!

Mahatma Gandhi, GESH – 07/25/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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