Separation is always painful


Peace and kindness among us, Servants of the Good!

We are ready taking cares so that the human inconsequent actions do not precipitate in unchaining the events since millenniums planned and helped by the Superior Spirituality.

Animalized at most, humans, inhabitants of the planet Shan and those who came here with the purpose of draining their primitive load, they failed in that mission of self-renewal and give place in themselves for the manifestation of the Divine Sparkle they carry.

Despite of unhappy choice, the Father´s Love assists and offers them countless opportunities to evolve. They will have a new chance, but not be on Earth. As children of the Earth, no more will reincarnate and will leave it in debt for exchange of salutary energies they didn't know how to take advantage.

Long journey will have to compensate through the vibratory compensation mechanism, the whole love they received.

They will stay linked to the masters of shadows through the choices made with them, draining the mental toxins produced. They go to new Planet-school, to be populated with exiled beings from Earth.

While they miss their dear beings; memories of happy events; thoughts and feelings of immense emptiness will constantly reach them, as effect of their consciences shouting for delayed awakening denouncing the waste of salutary opportunities and friends despised.

The ones that remain will be happy in the Renewed Earth full of love for the Friend Planet disposed to the reconstruction, with reinforced faith and vitality. However, they will never forget their dear ones. Separation is always painful when leave among them, unfinished subjects.

Being mentally attracted to new homes of old affections (exiled), they will visit them in work caravans, as extra planetary ones assisting them in their new journey full of blessed opportunities of progress, and for the work fulfilled, they will be developing while are serving.

To calm their hearts, we translate God´s Love into words of comfort s and trust.

Neither anything, nor nobody dies. To undress from the physical garment is to change from one to another plane and to proceed "alive" for new routes in new atmospheres replete of opportunities and friends encouraging us toward the Moral Progress.

By keeping calm mind before the chaotic separation promoted in the current Earth, they will be accepting the Creator's High Government, as well as painful events, however, transitory, and will be receptive to understand and to follow the Superior Orientations of loving and serving God.

Everything goes according to the Father's Will, and we that inhabit different spheres where the Love vibrates, we are united as Servants of God, Benefactors of the Light, followers of the Road, Truth and Life dictated by Jesus.

Peace and kindness among men!

Commander Yuri, GESH - 07/04/2014 – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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