The sowed evil spreads which weed


Brothers, centuries and millennia pass by, and the humanity plants painful sowing of hate and revenge.

The rich crop occurs at this time, and, only the souls that reach the discernment of the Divine Plan, which elevates the creatures to the incessant progress, will know how to face the painful events of Doomsday.

The sowed evil spreads which weed abating the creatures by immoderate violence.

The repulsive revenge wins immeasurable proportions.

Selfishness, pride, immorality and lust are perpetuated. The planetary atmosphere is saturated of their inhabitants' dense vibrations, and the corrective Law adjusts the offenders in the elective strips of those to be exiled from Earth.

Brothers, do not judge our words as disseminators of fear or too much shady in this time of darkness that you live.

We let you know of the present and future events, so that you have hope that after the infernal storm, a new time will appear, a New Earth will be born from chaos, renewed and at peace, prepared to receive those with the flag of love, faith and courage.

Go ahead brothers!

To retreat no longer is possible to the Rightists of Christ. Those that tumble at this supreme hour, they will see themselves far from the Earth of Regeneration.

Christ looks after you!

Ramatis / Kuthumi - GESH - 02/20/2015 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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