Fraternal message from Ramatis to sister Margarida Pinho Carpes


This message came that night on December 29, 1970 through the spiritual medium Hercílio Maes, in Curitiba

Dear disciple,

Although attracted by your spirit, whenever you thought in me and by the renewal of our spiritual affection over millennia through the spiritual medium who serves me, I use the words of the physical world to address you my fraternal thought.

Despite the intimate fights at home, and near the coexistence in the external world, do not sorry. Just like the extracted rude gravel from the land and in process of definitive embellishment, also your spirit graduates for the angelic ascension. The human incomprehension, usually in the own family is nothing else than the flagrant difference of vibratory frequencies, in each being's spiritual graduation! The docile, tender, patient, stoic, exalted and generous soul is spoiled in its physical life; because it is the entity gradually leaving from the Caesar’s to God´s World.

Thence, the Christ's warning: "Whoever wants to follow me to heaven, take his/her cross and renounce life for me"! Be you a careful and kind student to the painful lessons in the matter, in order to become Rightist of Christ's in the prophetic hour in which your incarnate companions live! Other more sedative and cheerful schools wait you beyond the Earth. For it, you must have your nuptial garment free from the residues and debris of the inferior life!

Work and publish the messages that renew the spiritual life. Love and forgive the ones who afflict you, and, in times of troubles, Christ opens His arms to you, and I will be close to your afflict heart reviving your nostalgic soul.

Yesterday, you were a dear disciple in the spiritual performance, today, Margarida, a symbol that hides an affection that has always been dear to me.

Ramatis, 12/29/1970

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