You have been trained in the battlefields!


You have been trained in the battlefields and your sharp and sparkling swords have been working to reduce the deformed creatures that insist on rebelling against the Forces of God. And, at this time of planetary transformation, when the Earth shakes in convulsions, the warriors that were summoned for the work, they are in intense activity in the several battlefields throughout the Earth.

Thousands of negative beings regimented by the Beast, in platoons, drag the human beings in their perfidious vibrations. They feel invulnerable, strengthened, due to the presence of Hercolubus (Intruding Planet), that it increases their trust and power. Blind of ambition, they attach the Centers of Light that resist bravely to their disastrous influence.

Be attentive, sisters! Maintain the high swords, defending the good struggling for the sanitation of the Earth.

There are not moments of peace or of truce in the invisible plane. There are intense and uninterrupted fights, of which you must participate, maintaining the minds linked to Christ.

If, in the physical plane, you are separated, in the spiritual plane you stay united in the work with Jesus, for the cleaning and illumination of dark areas on Earth.

I am your Brothers Setum Shenar here to remember of the important commitments you assumed with Hosts of Light, commitments that cannot be undone or abandoned, which would result in delay in your evolution.

We have been with you in several fights on behalf of God, because the Planet advances rapidly accomplishing its destiny and evolution. Nevertheless; humans attached to the illusory matter, do not realize how much they lose, staying in selfishness, pride and prepotency.

Go ahead sisters, because the fights wait you! Have faith and trust in the Superior Purposes.

Believe in your ability to struggle and win, on behalf of God!

Blessed Love guiding us!

Save the Love that unites us.

Setun Shenar, GESH - 12/13/2014 – Vigil in Servants of Jesus Shelter - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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