We invite you to change, love and peace


The valleys for suicides and aborted multiply in the invisible plane. While refusing the Gospel of the Beloved Son Jesus, the embodied ones stay ignorant and weakened in facing the difficulties programmed for the ephemeral incarnations.

When they were spirits free, they beg the Divine Mercy an opportunity to incarnate forgetting the past faults. They dream and plan with the Superior Emissaries, means to minimize their crimes, facing proofs with the terrestrial brothers to minimize their faults, remorse, and clean the soul.

Nevertheless, before the first obstacles, they surrender the starvation and criminal actions throwing them far away from the redeeming path.

Brothers! Let men know they have the last chance on Earth of Atonements to face the proofs in the natural Law of Progress and Evolution of God.

Intense is the presence of Jesus among you.

Do not be afraid of facing the difficulties, because larger remorse will feel you giving flow to the instincts and illusion to the matter.

Brothers! You must react, study and change to the light of the Divine Lessons that strengthen the soul, turning courageous to face the final pains and reach the victory.

Do not be afraid of suffering, therefore the pain will be your companion at this last hour of the Planet of Atonements and Trials.

We remain protecting and strengthening you in the final path, however to feel us, you have to share with us, love, pardon of offenses, and renewal to own soul.

Change you brothers! The Planet Earth no more waits for your choices.

The Planet Earth has finished its proofs. It wishes to leave this dimension and will reborn victorious in another one. Silent and lovingly, it supported human aggressions, and now reacts to abandon those that don't want to evolve.

We invite you to change, love and peace.

Blessed is Lord Jesus! Save the Power of Love joining us!

Mary of Nazareth, GESH - 03/21/2015 - ASJ - Vila Velha/ES - Brasil

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