With you, I leave My Love


Dear disciples, we bring you peace and with my love, I wrap you.

Here is speaking Master Ramatis to reaffirm my love and presence guiding you in the terrestrial journey through the works of spiritual ascension.

You know that over millennia you have trodden until arrive here with firm salutary disposition of progress and evolution.

We can see in your souls, the brightness of those spirits that already understood the evolution necessary and urgent, ready to serve Christ, flying His flag in your heart. Long ago, we are preparing you for these painful moments, which you live in the Earth.

The humanity's bloodshed soaks the ground, opening gaps for the Beast using the black channels, send his/her force and presence leading the human beings' guideless minds.

The advanced process of "Doomsday" shouts for urgent renewal of the Christ's rightists.

There is no way, than the work in the Divine Vineyard of Lord Jesus.

Abandon fear, doubt, distrust, and go loving and transforming your souls, because the moment is serious and the intense transformations already reached you in the Planet Earth.

Here we remain with you until the end of times.

In another opportunity, we will show ourselves at your disposal for a fraternal dialogue. For the time being, I leave with you my love and peace.

Jesus, our Great Lord sustains you today and always.

Master Ramatis - GESJ - 02/07/2015 - Board meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brasil.

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