God´s Laws don't forgive ignorance


Clairvoyance: After reciting the mantra in the morning, I saw a Being of Light, whose strong energy inspired respect and peace.

After the mantra at noon, I received the following message:

Whether Father does take full responsibility for his children, or abandons his wife to bear and educate their children, he is generating for itself inner afflictions.

God´s Laws of God don't forgive ignorance.

"Parents absent a home on Earth" was not prophesied. It brings conflicts that will affect their lifetime for long time.

Sexuality is creative force of responsibility for men or women.

Women abandoned by their sexual partners will practice crimes against life, abortion or abandon their children to own luck, generating karmic debts more and more compromising and complex, true entangled in the souls still late.

Men, by chance, the transitory nature of material life do not induce you inquire if you always had male bodies?

We are immortal spirits. When free from the physical body, we can come with male or female appearance, and at new incarnation, we can choose to be masculine or feminine, in agreement with the evolutionary needs our souls have.

The "cycles of atonement and trials and proofs" reach its end; yet people are not aware of the great responsibility to each one in spreading crimes, hate and suffering.

From Earth set off those who ignore the Creative Laws and still judge to be the matter the best link with the Creator.

Brothers, if you still ignores God´s Laws, recall the One that for love, He arrived on Earth from distant celestial stops to be sacrificed by you and left in His Lessons, the Universal Code of Life instituted by the Creator:

"Love the neighbor as yourself and God above all things"

May Jesus bless all of you!

Joseph, Father of Jesus - GESH – 08/25/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note 1: Being of Light that for the first time gave message in our GESJ.

We thank Jesus and Mary for his loving presence.

Note 2: Extract of the weekly message nr. 2631.

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