Aiding the animal Evolution


Clairvoyance: After praying the mantra, came to my mind a message from a Being, which I had difficulty of understanding and writing. I thought strongly about an Extraterrestrial Brother that communicated with me in another occasion, so that I could help him with the message.

Soon later, I saw a spaceship over GESJ and from it left a tall, thin being involved by strong light. He approached greeting me mentally, telling me that had understood my request. On that moment, I recognized him. As he spoke, he showed me mentally his city, habits and task accomplished by them.

Here is his message:

I am an Extraterrestrial friend.

In the name of Christ, of the Light, and of the Great Creation, I am here.

Sister, the mediumistic faculty becomes difficult to receive the messages in Planets of Atonements and Trials, due to several components such as dense atmosphere, the being's preparation disposed to fulfill that task and empathy of energy not always felt immediately, because of the vibratory variation and physical composition of our bodies not compatible, having, then, the need of several attempts to reach the ideal balance to transmit the message.

I myself and my group are scientists travelling throughout the universe, in search of study opportunities able in helping, hereafter, in composition and establishment of lives in new planets under construction.

Our planet home, for its evolution level, no longer has some species composing the evolutionary cycle primarily, like animals.

Although we no more have in our system, this way of life, we still remind of them registered in the akashic registers turning them into our study object.

I am part of a Team interested on animal evolution. We requested and obtained authorization from the Evolved Minds of our planet and we set off in search of planets where those children of the Creation are still necessary, to study and aid them whenever necessary and possible.

Thence, we will not act with humans during the planetary transition. The Planetary Christ and other Masters allowed us to penetrate the psychosphere of this Planet seeking those smaller brothers in evolution, the animals.

We will do it with the indispensable help of the Extraterrestrial Brothers that here are established, with Intraterrestrial ones and with the original energy of our planet accumulated in our bodies.

We will work understanding and aiding those small brothers, directing to other globes, those that no longer have condition of developing in this planet, where they can continue their evolutionary process.

In agreement with the programming of the Planet, we stay until the Three Days of Darkness, when there won't be more animals under risk or suffering caused by human action, because the human beings' suffering will be much larger than those simple spirits.

So, sister, I hope have explained the objective of our presence in this House.

We are at disposition of the Masters and this Group for more explanations, whenever necessary.

Save the Planetary Christ!

Peace forever!

Extraterrestrial David - GESH - 08/23/2014 – Vitoria/ES - Brasil

Clairvoyance: During the message, I have seen his spaceship penetrating Earth and his Team in touch with submarine beings, intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial cities. Then, they went to the Spiritual Colonies or cities.

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