Help the suffering brothers


Clairvoyance: In GESJ of Jacaraipe, I saw penetrating a Being of Light of outstanding presence accompanied of many other Beings. He dressed a gold and white tunic covering his feet. He had a very brunet skin and a gold turban on his head.

He knelt down before a companion of GESH and kissed their hands. He put one white rose, a white veil and a ring of red stones on his lap. He stared her and called her of "affection of my heart."

Through his mind, I could see when they were married in one previous life. He was a Persian king, and she, a very pretty girl. However, when looking them, I could see cruelty in their faces. The people reverenced them, at the same time that feared them. The obedience was due to fear, because they knew that, in the Palace, works and black magic studies were practiced.

Then, I saw an army decimating that kingdom.


Save the Sun of the East!

Save the cross of the Occident!

Here we are in the name of Sananda that allows us helping our suffering brothers that suffered in our hands.

His name for me is other. We have an important work of helping those that are leaving their lands toward the Occident.

They are several the civilizations joining in order to quit their debts. Our moral obligation, our spiritual commitment is to direct them to accomplish their karma of suffering in the earth, which they looked for regeneration. It means look for those that drove them out, seeking justice.

Our function is helping so that justice is not made bloodshed; neither in the name of pride nor money, but in the name of love, looking for those in conditions of finding the pardon, to look one another as brothers.

All those that have compassion with the suffering ones; if they have the hearts deeply touched by the images shown throughout the world about those people, it is because they love those with whom, in the past, they had moments of discord, and there in finding disaffection.

I know that, physically, few ones can be present, but, spiritually they look for them and try to help them. For this reason, we here inviting this House of the Master that, once, we served. We look for His disciples to lessen the pain of that people.

They are not innocent, but they deserve our compassion and our love and, mainly, our understanding.

Those people, in the past, made part of the Chaldeans, Babylonians, Assyrians and Persian Armies that had invaded villages and decimated families. They stained the ground of blood and today, they are running away from the land that they took by force of power, hate and fear.

Then, each one is looking for the disaffection of the past and to give an end to a reincarnation cycle of several encounters, making possible that their history of pain, hate and suffering finishes in this last opportunity offered them by Master Sananda and for the Masters of the East that offer to them the last opportunity of redemption in that land where they looked for power and glory on the suffering of others.

The Master's Light guided us here offering the hands for those who accompany us, those that have love in the heart and compassion for that suffering people that one day also made them to suffer.

That the West Sunshine is among us!

Radjad, A brother of the East, GESH - 09/05/2015 - Jacaraipe – Serra/ES - Brasil

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