Yesterday Black, today White


Clairvoyance: I saw a black man waiting communication, in the astral plane. His mind seemed tied to the past, and I could hear sounds echoed in his memory: "black firebrand!" He captured my thought and spoke:

Indeed, I was black man. Today, I am spirit with all the colors.

I was black man and white man too. I was born Indian and yellow. I lived many lives, however, the most important was that in which I picked so much.

As white, I massacred simple and humble people, when I considered myself Superior Being. I dominated and made suffer many people. I was born slave, bringing on skin the sentence of the karma: You will "be black."

I reincarnated bringing in myself, the mark of those who have too much to rescue. I grew up, fought and I won! I fulfilled what had been agreed and my people recovered dignity once stolen.

Let each one uses his dignity as he pleases: he can give it free, deny it or refuse it, however nothing decrease us, as black people. On the contrary, with our suffering history, our people carry in the color the flag of freedom.

We are free of prejudice, hate and pain. We reached the path of love, after hard effort. He, who wants to follow us, white, black, brothers of every color, then, take your cross, as Master Jesus ordered and come praying, because the "divine plane" puts us equally in conditions to make progress.

Yesterday, black and white today. All equally will experience the black color. It is the law of reincarnation, multiplying opportunities to show to the human beings that the peace is achieved with equality.

Save, save the black race!

They are strong and fearless people.

Save the fight, in favor of suffering people!

Zombie I was facing hard death.

When I was embodied spirit

I was the black king.

I continue publishing

Messages of hope everywhere

It is only free who changes.

Think about yourself

Indian, white, black, brown

Try to get better.

The worst prison is that

That does allow you to go ahead.

To black ones, I say that

It is not good to be black

In this delayed world in which

You live without learning.

Long time lost

Between laws and discussions.

Too late, they see us, as brothers.

After so many years

Since death of black slaves

We still see healthy men

Suffering as vassals.

Come on, humanity!

Learn the lesson:

You only live equality

Those who brings love in heart.  


Zumbi of Palmares, 11/21/09


Note: Zumbi was leader of "Quilombo of Palmares" at age 25 and died at 40 on 11/20/1695 beheaded after being betrayed by a companion. Hence, his unexpected presence on 21/11 because a day before was celebrated the day of Black Consciousness in Brazil.

Note: Extract of the Week Message 1750.

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