Free will is the key to the Earth of regeneration



As if made of water, a cascade of light is shed on the earth humanity, coming from the purest source of Christic Love and brought to Earth by the Masters, passing countless vibrations of love, peace, hope and fraternity to the men.

Earth brothers, you who live steeped in iniquity, wake up and see how beautiful is the love of God inviting you to transform, to leave a past of errors and to enter a new time in communion with the Higher Father.

Look brothers, how great is the love of God, and if you assimilate yourself on it, you will be able to love your brother as Jesus loved us. Come give yourself to His renewing love, that all the pain that you feel will calm down. Remember however, that the key to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is the free will of yours which is the only way that will lead you to the new address, the regeneration of the planet.

Without the correct understanding of what is the freedom of action and judgment, you will not be able to enter the New Earth portals, which is already planned and built on the astral plane, as is the accelerated degradation of the present Earth. With the Father's love understanding, you will be able to open the gates and enter a new world of prosperity and peace, which will reign the goodness in men, where there will be no wars, violence and terror.

Come, and use your free will as the key of the lifting of your souls. We wait for you, begging God that you awake as soon as possible.

Your sister Joana de Angelis among you.

Joana de Angelis

GESH – 03/05/2015 – Festival of Wesak – Jacaraipe/Serra - ES - Brasil

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