I had the credit of governing this grandiose homeland


Dear brothers,

Once finished that recovering time for unscrupulous attitude against myself, having my mind appeased after much suffering and faults and, considering a situation that I own ignored, I am here, dear Brazilian brothers, asking you, calm and reflection at these painful moments all over the planet, mainly our dear Brazil.

As either I have received support coming from many brothers that I had treated them as inferior ones on earth, now, aware of those anonymous humble brothers beside me, I lift up my thoughts to God to bless the grandiose homeland that I love very much. The Brazilian people composed into the most different ethnic groups of African Negroes, European white people, native indigenous and Asian people together have been working hard and lovingly for the welfare of that grandiose Nation.

If the past time granted me undeserved glories, as debt of gratitude, of the plan in which I live now, I would like to reward by means of supplicant blessings in favor of this cheerful and hard-working people. To them, my best wishes of happy future, where the all of the efforts of each one may surpass the daily troubles in favor of all collectivity.

I say good-bye thankful for this opportunity, asking to God, blessings of Peace and understanding for all Brazilian people.

A warm hug from someone that had the credit of governing this grandiose homeland.

Peace be with you!

Getulio Vargas GESJ - 04/07/08 - Board meeting - Vitoria, ES-Brazil

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