That Brazil is a Nation of Peace and Fraternity!


Clairvoyance: I can see over Brazil an intense light flooding the whole territory involving the Brazilian people in sweet waves of peace. It was a deep emotion!

Then, I captured the following words:

Brazilian people!

From the Mansions of Light, Jesus presided and coordinated the birth of the nation in which you inhabit.

The Divine Governor blessed your soil with the freshness of the green forests full of life bringing balance through the wind and rain.

The yellow of the gold allowed the People´s growth and scream of freedom chained by the conqueror.

The blue of the sky with glittering stars of the Southern Cross means His Presence of Light protecting you.

White represents the conquest of the purity of souls in the spiritual liberation.

The Brazilian soil, replete of blessings and hope should neither be spotted with bombs of hate nor immoderate violence by the incautious and careless political.

Brazilian People! Hold up the flag of love and peace, because the dominant Dragon dares to usurp the throne of the Lamb.

May faith and devotion that characterize you as simple and Christian people free you from the sanguinary and hateful oppressor; not with armed combats, but through the silent prayer, uniting all the minds to the Creator!

Hold up the flag of fraternity and peace.

That Brazil belongs to the Brazilian people!

May Jesus bless you!

Ishmael, Brazil´s Guardian Angel

GESH – March, 05, 2016

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