Raise the flag of love and Peace


Clairvoyance – We were in one of our regular vigils in Pedra Azul, mountainous region of the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. I saw a spaceship park next to our cars. A very tall being came out with a flitting cape. I could not see his silhouette. When he approached, I realized that was Master Ramatis in appearance of Kuthumi (one of his existences).

Then he said with authority and very serious: I am Kuthumi, I want to talk to you.

After the mantra of 3:00p.m, he sent the following message:


The peace of Jesus be with you!

Religions in the world have the function to call the creature to the Creator, to develop the soul virtues preparing the human being to ascend new steps in its evolution, arounsing feelings of love and kindness, joining the creatures, dissolving the hatreds, differences and prejudices.

However, as the period destinated to separate the wheat from the chaff advances and so the events of the Apocalypse, the religions become the biggest decline factors of human beings, leading them to a greater degree of equivocation, moral and spiritual descents, dissensions, hatreds, prejudices, discrimination and excessive violence, feelings and attitudes that have been born in the hearts of the religious leaders who lead the human masses, indifferent to the Divine call of transformation, forgiveness and peace.

Some religious institutions in the world sow discord, hatred and violence. They are the "signs" of the predicted time for the planetary transformation and selection of the Last Judgment.

Every human being is invited to make the choice that puts him or her on the right or left of Christ, thus defining the course of its immortal soul. Exile, banishment, or renewal on the higher planes on the renovated Earth.

Beloved daughters, you have been fulfilling the role of transmitters of messages that clarify human minds about the truths beyond matter, invisible realities to the eyes but intensely present in the heart of those who envisions a tomorrow of peace.

All planetary events are under severe surveillance of the Light Hosts of Jesus and if only the chaos is presented in front of your material eyes and limited minds, we say to you that this is the Law of Progress which acts strongly at this time in the Earth. To renovate, it is necessary to be transformed and to do so, there must be chaos.

Face with gallantry every proof that comes to you, because as an inhabitant of the Earth, each one will face at the right time its own proofs, necessary to achieve the transformers ideal.

What will make the difference between each one, will be the developed faith, not using the arms of revenge and hatred, in the same way that is received from the next. It's on the forgiveness of offenses, the development of humility and love that you will be victorious.

Oh, earthly humanity! Turn you off from the temporal goods, from the materiality that leads your lives, and see beyond all of that! Extend your hands to the needy, wipe the tears of the ones who suffer, open your arms to orphans, spread joy and hope because you are in need of good actions that can ease your suffering.

When the bombs of hatred explode, here and there, you should respond with hope and faith!

The violent crowd invades the cities and the enemies reach their disaffections. The peace is forgotten and replaced by the satisfaction of the immediacy needs of each one.

Raise the flag of love and peace, of truth and hope, once everything that's happening is necessary because you chose the pain in the use of the free will over the millenniums on the planet.

All the ones who wish to renew itself, must take the first step towards the Hosts of Light, and so will feel vibrate in its intimate an unknown force that will help him or her to the renewal, helping to face the difficulties without fading.

Forgive, Brothers, forgive as many times as necessary those who hurt you. Enjoy the last opportunity to leave the delayed planets, enjoy raising the liberator flight that will ensure your stay in a New Earth.

Brothers from other spheres, from more evolved planets than yours here arrived in order to assist you in this painful moment; and, from the ground, sprout friendly hands that here flourished as humanity, inside this beautiful planet. They are evolved beings who at this time extend their hands to help you, opening the doors of their happy cities to receive you, so you can there stay, while the planet, into convulsions, become transformed.

But, to deserve to see the Superior Brothers that extend their loving hands, you shall vibrate in tune with forgiveness, with love and with the spirit of brotherhood.

There is no need of kneel yourselves and say "Lord, Lord!" if your thoughts and your heart are stuck into the material goods, selfishness, villainy, lust and all the sins that you know very well.

You must get rid of the black ties that bind yourselves with the negative beings, brothers of ignorance that think they have the power to dominate the masses. But we affirm to you, children, you have the necessary mechanisms to free you from the prison of darkness and they were offered by Jesus, the Divine Governor of Earth! He is the Truth, Way and Life and calls you to take the reins of you own destiny so you be victorious, renovated and transformed under His Divine Protection.

I am Kuthumi, your Master! I guide those who one day were tutored for me by Jesus to be conducted in this planet of Expiation and Proofs. But we know that many of those who we look after will still be remain tied to lower worlds.

However, it is to you brothers who are already awaken, that I send my enlightening words. I bring you hope and affirm that you are on the right way.

It's now time to work for your own progress and for the awakening of consciences.

Onward dear children! It's time to fight.

May God bless you! Jesus sustains you. Today and always.

Save Jesus!

Master Kuthumi

GESH – 16/04/2016 – Vigil – Pedra Azul, ES – Brasil

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