The population formation of a planet of exile


Brothers, save the Light!

Save the Divine Presence of Master Jesus in this room!

The marks that corrode the "end-time" societies on all backward planets are the ones that leave the deepest scars in the minds of those who have awakened to spiritual realities. However, this does not serve as an argument for the new seaman to abstain from its responsibility in the face of the events that have been taking place in the world, even if its contribution has been in past lives.

The fall of a humanity, in critical periods of planetary transition, is always accompanied by great technological advances, be it in the medical, pharmaceutical, information, energy, transport and other sectors where, mistakenly, material interests Superimposed on spiritual values. But this is not a new event. One sees, more and more often, the moral decadence of a humanity, that is able to live quietly with social aberrations, that gain more and more prominence in the newspapers, being, at every moment, run over by others of greater impact.

By this, the subtly contrived plots and put into practice by the vigilant beings of the darkness go, subtly, anesthetizing the crowds, acting like opium for a mass that exalts beauty and humbles the simple; Who flatters the rich and the smart and despises the honest man and the good citizen.

And so the population of a planet of excluded futures, or rather of exiles, is formed by electivity, where all who have despised their neighbors will need much help to move forward in their development. Where the corrupt politician will be the future in need of the goodness of others, the abortionists will find it difficult to reincarnate, and then they will form the new couples to implore the little boy who wait for the unfulfilled desire, and those who today practice sexual crimes will be the deformed and sick future of the Reproductive organs.

And so, for many millennia, they will be seen to beg for peace, piety, and justice for their causes, without realizing that the chaos in which they live comes in the same intensity of pain that they inflicted on others. That the thorns they harvest are the result of previous sowing.

Many who hear us today will think that what we have come to say here is a form of torture, of threat or of frightening the most sensitive.

No, brothers! What we tell you is by the mercy of God, who has enabled us to warn you as incarnates that you are offered every opportunity to have a new future and that they are in your hands. Do not doubt that your destiny has always been and always will be in your hands.

Therefore, be more and more meek with your neighbor and more severe with you when you are to judge any actions.

May the Light be among you.


GESH – 10/06/2016 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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