The Apocalypse is your reality!


Brothers, peace and love be with you!

From Space we watch Earth and its inhabitants.

We monitor the levels of deleterious energy emanated from the incarnate and disembodied humanity, and we have already detected dangerous levels of negative energy released by humans in the globe's psychosphere.

When there is a decrease of moral restraint guards due to the inversion of the sublime moral values, receptacles of evolution, creatures are dominated by the intense negative discharge launched by the Beast in the environment that surrounds you, associated with the influence of the primitive aura of the Intruder Planet, which is already present.

Discharges of hatred and revenge cut through the air, attracting others of equal power; Similar attracting similar. Bursts of selfishness, pride, prejudice, discrimination and fanaticism, add to the pestilential discharges, making the environment of the Earth propitious to pour into matter, on the physical plane, the deleterious forces in the form of intense imbalances of Nature, fratricidal and barbarians wars.

The apocalypse is your reality!

Cling to the sublime teachings of the Divine Master Jesus, in his sincere liberating practice, and you will enter The purifying currents of Light running through the caustic currents that envelop you, and you will be victorious from the last test of your souls on the Atonement Planet.

Fights and more fights the humanity will face, beause you all have sowed in actions devoid of love.

Do not judge yourselves alone in the face of the Last Judgment.

The Divine Potentates sustain and support you in this supreme hour.

Jesus guides you not to succumb to the flood of iniquities.

You live the final selection of the wheat tares, the sheep of the wolves.

Our Spaceships circulate among you, spreading antidotes to neutralize the negative impacts on terrestrial humanity, softening the spread of fatal diseases that could reap lives of entire collectivities.

Collective deaths are intensified, however, by following rigorous superior planning for redemption of faults, and cleansing of the soul.

We are with you.

Prepare yourselves with the weapons of the Gospel of Jesus to rise to the Land of Regeneration.

Peace and love.

Your friend, Yury.

Commander Yury

GESH - 04/30/2016 - Vitória, ES - Brazil

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