Margarida and Commander Setun Shenar, Deputy of the Ashtar Sheran Command


It was the end of 1997.I decided to visit Salvador-BA and, from there, give a stretch to the Chapada Diamantina, which I still did not know.

It would be an ecological tour in order to replenish the energies, since I was administering the construction of the Servants of Jesus Shelter (ASJ) since February of the previous year, and the work had hardly finished.

I took with me a medium companion, hoping to receive some messages. However, we did not even imagine that the Loving Father reserved for us great revelations, such as: the existence of an Intra-Terrestrial City in that region, which we later called Okay; The "Three Days of Darkness" that Earth will face; Some information about the "3rd revelation of Fatima" and the gifts of the generous Brothers of the Stars, Commander Setum Shenar, Deputy of the Ashtar Command, kindness that thrills me to this day, whenever I remember that spring twilight, at the top of Mount of Father Ignatius, around 6:30 p.m., in the first half of October 1997.

After a few years, I understood the meaning of the three gifts: the papyrus, the key, and the precious stone.

The papyrus represented our modest booklets, all of them in revelations;

The key meant the openness to humanity of the information and revelations through the Internet gateway, which are weekly messages, quarterly disclosures, and the few books already published.

Finally, the quartz rose crystal, a kind of amulet that protects me, also, in struggles in the Lower Astral and the Abysmal Regions.

What impressed me most about Commander Setum Shenar, however, was the revelation we received from him on a second trip to the Chapada Diamantina in October of the following year.

In a very rustic village called Xique-Xique do Igatu, after the recitation of the midnight Mantra, in a very poor inn in the backlands of Bahia, what was revealed to us was a shiver: we became aware of the existence of Dark Forces and that the Reptilians represent One of them, something we did not know.

The subject was, and continues to be so serious and dangerous that the Commander asked us silence for a while, until second order. And so we did, until he gave us the green light.

The first two messages, (...) elucidate about the Confraternities of these brothers of Darkness. Reading the book carefully, we clearly realize that Brother Setum Shenar is an "expert" in the busy life of the Reptilians.

And to conclude, we affirm that many people in Brazil, and in the World, "love and worship" these Diabolical Beings, according to that old saying: "The worst blind is the one who does not want to see."


(1923 – 2014)

GESJ – February of 2010

Note: Message from the book “Commander Setun Shenar”

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