The Marks of Christ


Clairvoyance: I saw a man with long hair come, a rude, masse, but very beautiful face. The energy that emanated from him was very strong and reminded me of a "tornado", or something like that. He approached our group, stared up at the sky, which appeared to me before my spiritual eyes, with a blue color, incredibly beautiful, giving the impression of a living, pulsating being.

He, gazing at the sky, recited a prayer, from which I grasped the following:


Come Lord Jesus, appease the fury of the transgressors of the Law.

Come Beloved Master, comfort those who weep.

Come Lovestest, to bind up the beasts that disturb Thy people.

Your Mind is the Glory of God. Your Heart, the Light that guides us.

We entrust ourselves, Lord Jesus, to your salvation.

Redeem us from our faults by accepting us in Your Blessed Army.

You were sent by God and made him the Lamb.

Cover us, Oh Lord, around you and make us your flock.

Show us in everything where to go, for Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory for ever and ever.

GESH – 16/03/2001


Then he turned to us and, as an "authentic warrior leader", addressed us the following words: 


Brothers! Behold, we are among you.

Many have been my acquaintances for a long time. I recognize old friends and why not to say, some dislikes.

Many years, many lives have passed and today we line up the same Army of Light.

We fight and win the battle of evolution that has lifted us from the darkness of ignorance to the wisdom of the Light.

Today, after so much time, we can hug and say: brother!

Let's move on! The struggle is only in its preparatory stage.

We are, as if to warm up the weapons that merciless Lords of Evil will face.

The small quarrels of everyday life, difficulties and obstacles, represent for you more than the burning of well-deserved karma, they also represent the preparation for overcoming even greater obstacles that will yet come. They represent the strengthening of the Marks of Christ in you.

Jesus, This Beloved Friend, marked us all with His Infinite Love; And we, by the force of our will, will give life to this "mark" and make it grow and bear fruit.

Save, Warriors of Light!

Behold, before us is the great battle to which ye are called, lining up the Armies of the Good.

I will meet you later, when the trumpets will no longer sound. In the meantime, we will fight incessantly.

With the power conferred upon me, I anoint you with the oil of the Father's Love and I baptize you Warriors of Love.


John Baptist

GESJ – [1] 16/03/2001 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

[1] NoteThe medium or channel, upon receiving this message, became so tense and anxious she could barey control herself to report what she saw and felt. The mental and emotional impact was very strong. Today, 03/18/2001, while clearing the message, I felt like "out of breath". A state of such intoxication engulfed me, and so I called one of my children to talk about it and to discharge some of the intense energy that was still magnetized, present, in a simple role of paper by an irregular and difficult to read writing. Now it was I, who felt quite moved, for the energy of Brother John the Baptist who was still present and active. Tears slid across my face, but tears of joy.

To the uninformed, John the Baptist is the reincarnation of Moyses, according to our Master Ramatis


Note: Message from the book "In the Name of the Christ Again Here We Are".

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