About the Planetary Evacuation Project


We came to congratulate you.

We have come to tell you that as long as you pulsate one heart in Love and Brotherhood on this Planet, we will be together to offer you all our help.

We know how difficult it is to cross under purgatorial incarnation. We have already gone through this painful phase and every effort to overcome the obstacles will not be too great. It takes a lot of Love and a lot of Faith to cross the thresholds of ignorance and enter the Temple of Eternal Wisdom.

We, your brethren, are in this moment with arms opened to you to guard you, intuit you and lead you on our ships at the moment of ransom. It is a great honor for us to be called to act on this Brother Planet.

When the preparations for the Planetary Transition had their first plans, the number of beings that were inside the Planetary Evacuation Project was much larger than now. The wrong choices and misuse of free will have determined that most of the incarnated human beings of this Orb and also the disincarnates of the Astral Plane were to follow new paths. They have opted for dangerous shortcuts that will lead them to tread many thorns, and thus suffering all sorts of hardships and desolations may have the last chance of awakening.

The number of people who will be sent to our Space Ships and who will be momentarily on our Planets or inside the Earth itself is infinitely small in relation to the number of inhabitants here. The fact that they are subjected to atrocious sufferings is nothing more than the proof of Divine Mercy, so that their spirits have the opportunity to awaken again and opt for the Way of Good and thus they will be redeemed.

Brothers and sisters, we have already made ourselves present and visible in your physical dimension to countless people, unfortunately most of those who saw us were just curious, wanted to prove their theories and were not receptive to our material visit. They did not understand our message, they did not want to learn our lesson.

The Terrans, by the Initial Plans, could already visit our Planet and know our civilization in an open way. But, unfortunately, the ways were different and now we rarely show off ourselves to your physical eyes.

The new humanity that will inhabit the Earth, will have free transit to our World and to several others. We want to say, brothers, that we are with you and that we share the same ideal of Light, Love and Fraternity.

Dear Ones, do not let your Inner Light fail in the midst of the Darkness that momentarily dominates your world. Bring the flame of your faith and confidence on fire, because we, your brothers of Venus, will always be with you and we are very grateful for your confidence. Remain brave, for the victory of the Light is inevitable, and your sufferings will soon cease.

I say bye in the name of Venus, my planet.

Your brother, 


Venus extraterrestrial

GESH – 28/06/1999 – Easter Island, Chile

Note: Message from divulgation 22

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