The Great Cycle ends


Save the Force of Light!

Wherever you are, keep this certainty: we will always be with you.

Great is the Power of Light, because it flows incessantly from the abundant Source of the Love of God.

Each creature will be indiscriminately given the opportunity to know the Path of Light. In one form or another, all planetary creatures will be touched by the Light of radiant progress. It is given to each one to know the destiny of this humanity and thus it will proceed in the choice of the path it wishes to tread. The great cycle in which the creatures inserted in it have received repeated opportunities for spiritual advancement is now closed. The crowning of this choice will be in the final combat that will expel from the Earth the absence of Good, Light and Love. In combat, those who having seen and heard should make themselves lined up, making the precious lessons they learned, the script of their existences.

May your weapons be your millennial learning.

May your strength and courage represent the initiative of the will to win and to redeem yourselves for good.

May your hands be extended and active in the practice of Christian help, for until the last minute there will be work and brothers to be rescued.

I greet you in the name of Love.


Command Ashtar Sheran

GESH – 31/03/2001 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from divulgation 34.

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