Strengthen your faith!


Beloved disciples, Jesus be with you!

Over the years, the revealing messages sent to you have been preparing you to experience the horror scenes that make up your current reality.

And throughout the work done by you and those before you, each person who has taken notice of the revelations has prepared the heart, solidifying the faith through charitable work for the benefit of others, through the transformation of their own soul under the aegis of the Gospel of Jesus, overcoming their own inferiority to enable itself, in the not too distant future, to climb a step in the spiritual ascent.

To those who have not succeeded in settling the faith and are lost in the whirlwind of events, we make it clear that you can still take the reins of your own destiny without succumbing to the ceaseless calls of darkness.

Look at the lilies of the field. They are covered only by the wealth offered by the Loving Father. What will not the Father of Goodness and Love do for you if you desire the true modification of your soul?

Even today, send a thought to the Hosts of Light, a sincere supplication for the necessary help, and you will be caught up in new opportunities that will lead you to the path of progress.

The tests, with greater speed, arrive for all. It is the urgent and overwhelming planetary transformation that will no longer be interrupted. Accelerated events impel the soul to make decisions that lead it to the right-wing or leftist position, of weeds or wheat.

Baneful events, natural disasters, wars, violence, barbarism, disease, and hunger increase rapidly; but also, brothers and sisters, the opportunities for renewal and progress are multiplying around you, each of you must identify the Paths of Light that open at all times, so that you can tread the hawthorn of pain illuminated by the faith that drives the creature to redemption.

The Spiritist Group still lives the fragility of the transition; but the Illuminated Structures remain radiating Light and Strength to all workers who sincerely desire to solidify the Sublime Message and to carry out the tasks programmed for you in this lifetime.

Each choice represents the recrudescence of the disciple on the level it has adopted.

The who desires the Light, needs to strive to fulfill the Greater Commandment of Love, seeking to be the obedient and disciplined disciple, not the nonconformist servant.

The Greatest Script will always be the Gospel of Jesus.

In the trials of life, in the difficult choices, the Gospel of Jesus must always guide the steps of the Servants of Jesus.

Your Master Ramatis with you and we put ourselves at your disposal for questioning.

Medium – I had a clairvoyance now. I saw the twelve apostles approaching with papyrus in their hands, which was related to the events of "end times." I also saw the United States exploding from the inside out, unleashing events already predicted in the Apocalypse. I wondered if it would be near the final events of the Apocalypse. They talked about the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" bringing scourges to the Planet. Is this clairvoyance right?

Ramatis – Child, you live the acceleration of the Last Judgment and you can identify many signs of the prophecies occurring today in your world.

You are already aware that the events of today were predicted millions and millions of years ago by the Architects of the Planets and the Sidereal Engineers.

The approach of Hercolubus accelerates, in the intimate of each creature, its negative tendencies, and these are concretized in malicious actions that aim at the empire of materialism, the consolidation of the hatred that is spilled in the fratricidal wars, the acts of barbarism, in the religious intolerance , in the prejudices of all kinds.

Increasingly, moans echo throughout the Planet. Insecurity, fear and instability are worldwide.

And the creatures wonder: when and where will all this end?

And we tell you: the end of the Apocalypse is an uncertain time, but the events, each day, will become more intense, because the earth, wounded by death, no longer holds so much blood shed in her womb. The infected wounds take the planet as a deadly sepsis, not being able to wait long to remove the broken tunic, which mistreats it and tries to choke it.

Throughout the Orb people cry out for help, but hearts remain blackened in selfishness, pride, and arrogance; and the bitter remedy, poured upon mankind, represents the salvation of souls in the choice of which side they wish to remain.

Pain will spare no inhabitant of Earth! Even the Higher Ones who, in sacrifice, immerse themselves in sublime missions of aid to humanity, will feel the weight of the sufferings that will shake the inner structures of the evolving souls, impelling them to transformation or to new falls, defining in each being their future in eternity.

All events are part of the Great Plan of Sanitation for the advent of the New Age.

The Beast places his minions at the command posts of the Earth, but if they can rise the positions of command of Earth governments, it is because the inhabitants of the Planet still remain at low levels of evolution.

Most will remain on evolutionary steps of a planet of expiations and proofs of lower worlds, postponing for a further cycle their encounters with the Sublime Dimensions of Light, Peace and Love.

Go further, beloved daughters, beloved brethren, in the work that redeems your souls! Face the trials with gallantry, faith and courage, for we are with you, sustaining you at all times.

The pains are necessary for your redemption.

Save the Force! Save the Light!

Save the Divine Master Jesus! 

Master Ramatis

GESH – 10/12/2016 – Vigil at Jacaraipe, Serra, ES – Brasil

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