We will not allow the destruction of the globe!


From Planet Patrol, we closely follow the events of the "Last Judgment" and, as envisioned by Engineers and Sidereal Psychologists, humanity is waging war. Hearts, filled with inferior feelings, are heading for collective revolt and dangerous world conflicts that endanger planetary stability.

You know our thinking and we will not allow the destruction of the earth globe! However great human insanity may be, the Force of God commands everything. Jesus' army marches fearlessly, fishing the blackened souls in hatred and the Extraterrestrial Ships collect them for the exile.

The Beast of the Apocalypse rises more and more toward the surface, increasing the degree of lower vibration that circulates among you, humanity.

You could not keep up the levels of faith and love that could sustain the Network of Light that surrounds you, connecting every creature on Earth in all planes and dimensions. Those who can maintain the support of higher vibrations are not able to avoid the unfolding of the planetary events.

Every action has a reaction of equal strength, and the lower blows thrown into the earthly psycosphere will be reversed in storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and other cataclysms, for the lower discharges emitted by hearts devoid of love remain around the planet and wil return to humanity in the form of natural disasters that will shake the Earth's structures, greatly modifying its geography.

Only pain will be able to change the course of the disastrous events, the inferior actions of the humans.

The bestial violence impinged between brothers reflects the lower degree you still have.

United to Jesus, Beings of various Orbs, from distant Galaxies, from Enlightened worlds work for the good of humanity and for planetary liberation.

Brethren, do your part in spreading hope for those who have awakened and have the flame of faith sustaining their lives. Sow the knowledge about the moments that you live and the providences that exist for your ransom.

Organize your Relief Nuclei, so that they are prepared to help the helpless, those who have nothing and will have less.

From Planet Patrol we follow every step of the rulers of the Earth and we know their intentions; and we will act before the madness turns the Earth into dust.

We greet you in the Name of God and leave you peace and love to sustain you in this moment of transformation!

Save Jesus your Master!

Your Brother Yury with you. It is always joy our exchange!

May the Light sustain you to the end!


Commander Yury

GESH - 10/05/2017 - Wesak Festival - Jacaraipe, Serra, ES - Brasil

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