Fewer and fewer workers for the final hour


Brothers, save the Light, which radiates on the Earth!

There is in this sublime event (Wesak Festival, May 2017), a concentration of pure and superior energy flowing from the minds of the Masters, propagated to all mankind which, receptive, absorbs it, strengthening itself when it is summoned to the hard fighting to be fought in the battles between Light and Darkness. Unfortunately, every Wesak Festival diminishes the number of these warriors on the physical plane, for we do not find people ready to receive and be benefited from this energy, because worldly life, material quarrels, and lack of practice in the exercise of faith make them less able to shelter in themselves the energy emanated by the Festival.

However, the dedicated workers of the astral world, especially those who usually incur the most unhealthy and morbid regions of the earth, have used much of these energies for every event of this magnitude. Because they are very small groups, there is a greater need for energy, since some end up doing the work of four or more, depending on the experience accumulated in the spiritual lids.

Looking ahead, the shortage of workers on the physical plane prepared for the announced times of the great transformations is more and more certain, and since there is no longer time for long preparations, it has been allowed to capture the superior energy of the Masters and store them in each point of redemption, so that this source of Light is distributed according to the need of each house of work and the quantity of its servants. This addition of energy to those who work at the light lids will serve as a tonic and a tranquilizer, preventing them from becoming ill or succumbing to the calamities they face.

We suggest that you strengthen yourselves as long as you live an apparent normality on the physical plane, because there is no peace and harmony in the astral plane, and thus only faith and trust in the higher purposes will keep you united in the work of the Light, to the help of the suffering brothers.

Peace for all.


ClairvoyanceWhile receiving the message, I saw many workers of the spiritual houses existing in the physical plane receiving this charge of energy, as well as the invitation to work; but it was not all the Spiritist Houses that accepted the invitation.

I saw directors explaining to these beings of Light that their workers were not able to be part of these teams formed for the rescue. Politely, and without trying to convince the Director, the servants of the Light thanked and departed, addressing other Houses.


Conde Rochester

GESH 10/05/2017 Wesak Festival Jacaraipe, Serra, ES Brasil

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