In love, everything flourishes!


Save, brethren! Peace be with us!

The Intra-Terrestrial Cities that are prepared to harbor the beings of the surface have a more advanced humanity than yours. We have overcome the primary antagonisms of souls still prisoners of the passions and lower feelings. Life between us is of peace, harmony and fraternity.

We observe the turbulent coexistence existing in surface humanity and we realize that your moral and spiritual backwardness is still very great. Perhaps because of this fact, a small number of surface inhabitants will attain sufficient conditions to inhabit the Regenerate Earth.

We are not judging you, for we ourselves have been barbarians. We are brothers and we do everything we can to reduce your suffering.

Many Inner-city access tunnels are already being used to transport surface siblings to Intraterrain lodges.

The planetary sanitation struggles held together with the Army of the Christ are our greatest jobs. Thousands of beastly beings, who once were human and today are devoid of form and sentiment, are slaughtered in battlefields as they are the components of the platoons of the Dark Army. If you were to see the invisible plane that surrounds you, you would have an urgency in your own moral transformation, not to share the harmful influence of these beings in your lives. They are thousands and they influence much of the incarnated surface humanity, increasing the actions less worthy of violence, madness, war, barbarism, hatred and revenge.

Brothers, appease your minds and hearts! Tune into the waves of love that we send to you and come to us, for our happy and enlightened cities await you!

In love, everything flourishes! In hatred darkness reigns!

Love each other, brothers!




GESH – 05/05/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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