Only Love will set you free!


My Father's beloved children!

The Earth agonizes, and it is not by the Natural Laws of Evolution. Its pains come from the ill-treatment caused by your actions devoid of love for the goods of Creation.

Suffering also occurs among you, human beings, who equally deprived of the love of the neighbor, has neglected the most sublime Law of Love.

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

Brethren, Love is the Universal Law of the Creator and when you learn to love without demands or conditioning, you will be ready to reach higher dimensions.

Do not judge the elect, those who have reached understanding and understand the reason for the transformations. To the one who knows much, much will be charged and pain is a visitor who is present on the whole Planet and you must, my brothers and sisters, alleviate the suffering of others, acting in accordance with the Major Laws. Do not allow yourselves to be subjugated by material sensations. Turn away from everything that can hold you back, once again, in the dimensions of suffering.

Love youselves! Forgive yourselves!

Help in every way that you can to the most needy!

I am the One who comes to you to warn you of the urgent need of the transformation of your souls in the light of Love, for only Love will set you free!

I am Jesus, your Brother!


Jesus of Nazareth

GESH – 06/05/2017 – Administrative meeting – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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