The moment of the meeting is approaching


We salute you in the name of the Light!

The time of the meeting of the civilizations that inhabit this planet is near. However great the moral and spiritual backwardness of surface humanity are, the destinies are converging towards an encounter with the Happy Worlds of the Earth's interior. Many are already with us, inhabiting the places prepared to receive them, asleep, for not being able to face a reality that they do not know without going crazy. Their fragile psychic constitutions would be severely shaken if they abruptly became aware of the reality in which they were received.

Disclose the existence of the Intra-terrestrial World and its humanity that only wants to become visible to help you.

We have no negative intentions or desires toward you, brethren. If we had wanted to dominate the planet, we would have done so long ago, but as you continue your lives ignoring us, unaware, the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Intra-World are also unaware of the presence of surface humanity. The great difference is that when we are informed of this reality - of the surface humans, we beings of the interior of the Earth, put ourselves at the disposal of the Superior Forces that lead us to assist and to lodge in our cities those that reach the merit.

Do not be afraid of the unknown! If you become part of the Nation of Christ Jesus, we will easily be friends.

Your brother Orcadim with you, with joy in our hearts for the reunion.

May the peace of Jesus be with us!

Save the Light that guides us!




GESH – 01/04/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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