Stop the fratricidal wars! Slow down the hate!


From Space we came and from Space we warn you: eliminate lethal weapons while you have discernment!

Stop the fratricidal wars! Slow down the hate!

Develop the Christian virtues that Master Jesus has bequeathed to you.

Your actions of violence determine grave consequences of suffering for all of you.

It is not we, the Beings of Space, who bring fear and discord! It is you, brothers of humanity, that bring in your heart the blackness of selfishness, intolerance and pride.

The Forces of Nature react, seeking again the balance that has been violently violated by you. Fire, water, wind, earth and Elemental revolt against aggressive human beings who break the balance and interrupt peace.

Desolation, hunger, thirst, extreme heat and cold, destructive winds, and earthquake are the unavoidable consequences that you have drawn to your fellowship.

We can not and should not, by the fulfillment of the Law of God, interfere with your choices, dictated by free will. However, we will act, preventing the destruction of the planet.

Brethren, the Earth is a living being that evolves, just like you humans, for the whole Kingdom of Creation has the divine spark that unfolds in the immutable and infinite creative process of the Magnanimous Laws.

Your ignorance will not be forgiven by breaking the Laws of God! Not by revenge, but by determinism of Cause and Effect, because sowing is free, but harvesting is obligatory.

Our Spaceships, invisible to your eyes, travel through all parts of the Earth where there is suffering, consoling and aiding those who are free from the revolt, rescuing souls, incarnated or not, leading them to different destinies, according to the merits of each one.

Our technology is used to neutralize the atomic discharges that you spill in an inconsequential way in the planetary environment.

You do not know life in its most sublime form, for you only believe in that which affects your material senses. If you do not see us, you do not believe in our existence; if we make ourselves present, you imprison us.

Brothers, you are still very primitive!

But the Life-Creating Laws, the Law of Progress and Evolution drag the Planet to a new higher dimension, and those who are incompatible with the new dimension will be expelled from the Earth in separation from the chaff and the wheat that takes place at very high speed in this time of Planetary Transition.

Artran is my name.

We serve the Planetary Christ. Jesus is our guide on earth.

We are brothers!

We greet you in the name of the Light and leave you the love and peace that dwells in our hearts!

Save Jesus!




GESH – Psychophony – 11/08/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil  

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