Do not fear the liberating pain!


Beloved children of My soul!

Sorrows are not divine punishments!

The Merciful Father does not punish His children!

His Magnanimous Laws are universal and all creatures will inevitably achieve harmony with the Creator.

The dystonia between your actions, contrary to the laws that create and sustain life, provoke the suffering in you.

When you release your consciousness of the atavisms that lead you to the falls, when rebellion no longer command your actions and your soul become attuned to the Universal Harmony of Love, suffering will no longer exist. You will have reached the Dimensions of Light and Peace!

The rancor and hatred that reverberate in wars and violence is expanded. Remove the evil in you, enlighten your inmost where the darkness insists in shadowing you.

Come to Me and I will relieve you of the weight that oppresses you!

I am the love and I will lead you to regeneration!

Do not fear the liberating pain!

My peace I leave you!

My love sustains you!

My presence lights your way!

I am Jesus!


Master Jesus

GESH – 05/08/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil 

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