Remain confidents!


Beloved daughters, peace be with you!

Small victories represent the cleansing of your souls from turmoil and internal strife. It is the healing of the spirit. The cleansing of the heart of lower feelings makes the servant strengthen his faith even more, solidifying his will to serve Jesus for faster liberation.

The attacks continue, for the beasts in your direction do not cease to arm the traps that they think can stop the footsteps of Jesus' servants.

Remain confident of the friendly presence of your Conductors and Guides, as well as the loving presence of Jesus, who sustains all of you.

Do not lower your guard, but rejoice your souls for learning and overcoming.

Go forward with confidence fearless Warriors, for the fighting is increasing and you will have no respite. Although peace reigns among the workers, there are still weaknesses. Keep yourselves vigilant and prudent, each one fulfilling its duties with love.

Behold, storms loom large on the Planet, and peace will be the ultimate achievement of this humanity.

Your Master Ramatis with you! We rejoice in the victory of love over darkness!

Hail Jesus, the Master who guides us!


Master Ramatis

GESH – 28/07/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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