My Presence among you is intense and real!


Brothers, you no longer recognize yourselves!

You allowed ignorance to leave open space to evil.

You rejoice in wickedness, seeing your next no more as a human creature, but as an obstacle to your immediate interests.

Do you want to know whence come these primary sensations that you feel and the morbid pleasures to which your spirits succumb? Come, beloved brethren, from the dark regions built by your insane acts, over the millennia.

Here I stood for love, sprinkling the Seeds of Light in the hearts; but the fertilizer you need to flourish is love, and love one another as I have taught you.

If you live chaos, it is because he who plants heathers does not harvest tomatoes.

My Presence among you is intense and real!

Come, brethren, for the storms are multiplied, and only for Me you will again see the dawn of peace.

From My Heart starts the love that will lift you from the darkness to the Light.

Come, brothers! I am Jesus Sananda, way, truth and life.


Jesus Sananda

GESH – 16/09/2017 – Vigil at Jacaraipe – Serra, ES – Brasil

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