The dedication to work of each being is what will save it


Beloved disciples, we wish you peace!

The work in the field that you have chosen requires from you, a small group, a discipline differentiated from the other workers of this Servant House of Jesus.

You have voluntarily accepted the tasks entrusted to you by Major Instructors, who, sincerely touched by the ignorance and misery of this humanity, have approached the Earth, abandoning their dimensions of peace and harmony to dedicate themselves, zealously, to the care of the backward brothers in the evolutionary journey.

You are their voices, receiving the messages sent by the Great Instructors to the earthly, suffering and neglectful humanity, for many are psychologically ready to awaken and only need harmonic vibrations sent from the invisible world to reach them.

There were many who put themselves at the disposal of the Host of Light to receive the messages of love, peace and alertness that we send you. Many, however, gave up on the fierce trials they faced, not being able to remain faithful to their spiritual commitments. We only mourn for these brethren, beloved children of our hearts, for they are delivered to the sea of planetary events, they will follow the human mass to the expiatory planets, not by punishment, but because rebellious, careless, often lazy and unruly students will not reach the degree necessary to inhabit the New Earth. They will try again in the future, with even greater difficulties.

Therefore, beloved daughters, we have come to congratulate you on the tasks you have done and to warn you that difficulties are mounting in your face. But do not give up striving for your progress, in response to the call of the Host of Light, for the benefit of this humanity.

Do not judge your brethren who still do not understand the sacrifices necessary for spiritual ascension. Continue working, with working hands in favor of the needy neighbor, in favor of the moral and spiritual tasks, surpassing every test with courage and faith, as you have been doing up to this moment.

On the invisible plane, "hordes of lower and deformed beings" leave the containment of their infernal cities to the surface of the Earth and the clashes between Light and Darkness become almost uninterrupted.

Invigilating mankind receives in its inmost inferior impacts, the incarnate creature can not control its instincts, and in addition to this the treacherous vibrations of the brothers of the shadows make life on the planet the predicted chaos for the Apocalypse.

Go, beloved daughters, disclose to the world that runs fast the separation of the wheat and tares, the wolves of the sheep. It is time to adhere to the Postulates of Jesus to reach a New World that is soon going to rise.

As with other workers, many paths will be presented to you. The choice of where to go is personal. That happens to everyone. Each day you should seek motivation to continue working with us. We can not decide for you. However, if the path you choose to distance yourself from the spiritual tasks with which you are engaged, re-evaluate, for nothing at this time is more important than your souls, who have often failed through fears, doubts and vain attachments.

May your choices always lead to transformation, postponed for millennia. You well know that it will not be the religion that will save the creature, but the effort of each one in the fulfillment of the programming that you have consciously coupled yourselves.

Moral transformation at this time is more important, because the abandoned tasks once burned in your consciences make you seek redemption before the Laws of God.

Do not be afraid of suffering and pain! Phalanges of Beings of Light accompany you, guiding you on the path of redemption.

You are our beloved pupils! We follow your awakening and follow with you at this hour, much closer than you can feel.

Your Master Ramatis with you.

Overcoming the tasks of the moment, others will come! Keep yourselves united around Jesus, for His Friendly Presence is not far from you! His Magnanimous Heart embraces humanity and His Light floods the entire Earth.

Jesus is the Sublime Script, the Greatest Example you should follow, daughters.

You are the fishermen of souls, in the name of Jesus.

Hail, the Force! Hail, the Light that guides you!

Hail, Master Jesus!


Master Ramatis

GESH – 19/08/2017 – Vigil in the Shelter of Jesus Servants – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil 

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