There is no rest for the Warriors of Light


Peace on all planetary quadrants!

Peace also in your hearts!

Do not judge that as Warriors of Light, facing fierce battles and enemies, your lives will naturally follow like most of the brothers of humanity, who only live their daily problems.


You are fearless Warriors! Your lives do not belong to you!

You are called to fight in all the moments of your existences, in all hours and minutes of your earthly day.

There is no respite for the attacks of the enemy; there is no rest for the Warriors of Light.

For millennia you avoided this moment. Today, you are enabled to follow under the Command of Light in spiritual work that will ensure the victory of your souls over the darkness of spiritual backwardness. There is no turning back, sisters, on this path of renewal!

The planet is surrounded by darkness, terrifying darkness which spills from the invisible plane into matter, entangling creatures in its own individual and collective karma, drawing them into account with the disaffected of the past. And the one who changes the vibratory attunement, increasing the "tone" in the Divine Harmony, will be victorious in the confrontation that occurs in the two planes of life.

Hurt physical bodies, fallen by the streets of the great cities, violence and barbarism, demonstrate the moral and spiritual backwardness of this humanity. The intolerant nations arm themselves with ferocity to defend themselves against creatures of other nations that inhabit the same planet, brothers of humanity, and that belong to a single family, the Universal Family.

A long path of pain and atonement will run through the end of this cycle that is coming to an end. And as long as the end does not come, the fearless Warrior of the Light will have no respite.

Their armor will remain in their bodies; the shield and the sword, in its hands.

Mental vigilance, we warn you, for the cry of the Beast echoes on Earth, luring creatures to strengthen the stinking feelings and the subtlest of lower feelings will gain strength in those who did not know how to evangelize in the Lessons of Jesus.

And the world, astonished, sees walls of discord and prejudice rise.

Forward, warriors, to the fierce struggles of the End of Time!

I am your Commander and I call you to the unceasing struggle, until the "End of the Times"!

Jesus is with us, His Love and His Presence sustain us for the victory of the Light.

Hail, the Force! Hail, the Light! Hail, Divine Master Jesus!

Peace in your hearts!


Commander Ashtar Sheran

GESH – 19/08/2017 – Vigil in the Shelter of Jesus Servants – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil

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