Support each other


Good afternoon, girls!

Jesus be with you!

It is always a joy the conclusion of every successful task. You accomplished gallantly your role in the tasks requested by the Masters who love us.

Every work step, my sisters, represents to us, victory of our will to progress over our inferiority.

It represents the cleaning of our souls, that are still far behind in progression, candidates of Sublime Dimensions.

Our victory represents the victory of the Ascended Masters who have been following us for millennia. However, we need calm since many obstacles will still be faced, especially everyone of you on the physical plane where the difficulties are bigger to detect the traps, on the certainty of which path to take and attitudes to embrace.

Always the prayer, my sisters, shall be the greater resource before taking decisions, prior to commence and conclude each task, starting and finishing the day, keeping your mind connected to the Supreme Forces of Goodness who guide us, training our soul to the Sublime Encounters with the Light.

Let’s keep going since the tasks multiply and the violence, the brutality and the lack of love and charity within the creatures will be more common.

Jesus bless us!

Go ahead together in this task, supporting each other and supporting the incarnate director since we are a group of workers Servants of Jesus and we are responsible for the conduct of GESJ.

Hail Jesus!



GESH – 19/08/2017 – Vigil in the Servants of Jesus Shelter – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil

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