I have left you the Laws of God


I have not come to undo the law of men!

I have come to bring the Laws of God to you!

The words that I left you are not mine! It is the Thought of God, guiding the infinite worlds and the endless humanities, in the Mat of Light of Progress.

Children, in the imperfection of your soul, you do not see the strength of the Father's love for all of us.

Rise up from falling into the unfathomable abysses of deformity.

Come to Me and I will support you back to the Father's House.

You were created in the image and likeness of God, and to Him you will return.

Time and space do not exist for the rising soul.

Time and space do not exist for evolution, for infinite is time and unlimited is the space created by the Loving Father.

The dimensions intertwine and love pours out on you.

Come, brethren, for this cycle of pain is ended, and the planet, wounded, changes its garb.

Come to me! I am the Love!


Master Jesus

GESH – 19/08/2017 – Vigil in the Shelter of Servants of Jesus – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil 

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