Dialogue between Setun Shenar and the Beast of the Apocalypse


When realizing that the Beast of the Apocalypse wishes to manifest itself, Commander Setun Shenar prepares the environment to receive its message and informs:


We will now allow the presence of the lower mind of the Beast, for each time it approaches with its threats, a part of its forces is gone. Prepare your minds to receive your thoughts.

BEAST – I am everywhere! I know what happens, and do not think I'm defeated at some point!

Your victory is illusory, for I gain more and more strength. My mind dominates the hearts of this humanity, which is more and more in tune with me.

War, hunger, violence, wickedness, lasciviousness. Where do these attitudes and feelings come from, but me?

I'm not afraid! You must be afraid!

SETUN SHENAR – Welcome brother, in the name of Jesus, in this House of Charity. Contrary to what you think, victory is not ours, but of Him who governs earthly humanity.

BEAST –  The Crucified, who did not have the strength to prevent his own death?

SETUN SHENAR – Look, brother. Are there any crucified? Jesus shines!

BEAST – I do not want to see Him!

SETUN SHENAR – For the sake of humanity, His brightness is everywhere, whether you want to see it or not.

BEAST – Do not think that you are going to imprison me in this cage.

SETUN SHENAR – No way! You were allowed to come and listen. Invigilant men fall into the trap, because this is the Law.

BEAST – They are many...

SETUN SHENAR – Listen, because this is your time to do so!

BEAST – I do not want to listen!

SETUN SHENAR – Only by free will will men be liberated from the ferocious yoke of the shadows that dwell in their intimacy. You too are under the care of Him who created you and you are subject to the same Laws.

If you manifest yourself today, it is because the Will of God allowed it to be part of the treatment to which you are already subjected!

Long and painful journey of return to the House of the Father you will have to travel. But one day will come, with a clean soul of all the wrongs imposed upon others.

Our sister, you are, and always will be!

Receive the word of the Nazarene Master in your heart, with all the love we feel, vibrating the innermost fibers of your being. We know that the awakening will be long and slow, but we will never abandon you. We will always surround you until one day you decide for the Light.

BEAST – I am the darkness! I am the darkness!

SETUN SHENAR – For a while! For the time being darkness is your place, but it will not be forever.

Brethren, let us all raise to the Creator our sincere thought in prayer, in gratitude for the opportunity addressed to this brother.

(at that time, one Our Father and one Hail Mary were recited)


Setun Shenar in dialogue with the Beast of the Apocalypse

GESH – 19/08/2017 – Psychophony – Vigil in the Shelter of Jesus Servants – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil

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